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a PagerDuty incident webhook consumer.

"Because all of the better character names from Hook were taken.""

Configuration to run this locally or behind a firewall

localtunnel is a Python package lets makes your local machine available on the internet.

If you are on Mac OS X, you can just run pip install localtunnel. XCode Developer Tools are required.

Next, start localtunnel on a port number that you're going to run tootles on (default: 7388):

sh sh $ localtunnel-beta 7388

Localtunnel will return a URL that you can use as a PagerDuty webhook.

How to create a PagerDuty webhook

See the PagerDuty webhook documentation.

Usage (and UNIX magic)

To start the server on port 7388:

sh $ npm start

To start the server and print out a summary of every webhook incident message to STDOUT:

sh $ tootles -o summary |

To start the server and speak aloud (on Macs) a summary of every webhook incident message:

sh $ tootles -o summary | xargs -L 1 say


sh $ node tootles --help ### Inspiration

  • smee A more general-purpose zero configuration webhook client.