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Tooltwist Command Line Interface

This command is used to invoke the ToolTwist Designer from the command line.

Traditionally ToolTwist is run as a webapp within a Tomcat server. With this command, ToolTwist can now be downloaded and invoked as a standalone executable directly from the command line.

Before running this command you will need the following installed:

Node version 0.10+
Java version 1.7+

Start with this command:

    tooltwist init

You can edit the generated tooltwist.js if you wish, or use it as is to run the designer on the ttdemo web design project.

To run the designer simply use:


Once it is running, you can access the server at


This command is currently pre-release, and only intended to be used by existing users of ToolTwist.

At this stage it won't work unless you have access to an existing ToolTwist repository.

More details can be requested from