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Remix Auth

Simple Authentication for Remix


  • Server-Side Authentication.
  • TypeScript Support.
  • OAuth2 Support
  • User+Password Auth Support


Remix Auth is a complete open source authentication solution for applications.

It was heavily inspired by Passport.js, but completely rewrote it from scratch to work on top of the Web Fetch API.

Getting Started

npm install --save remix-auth

Example with the Local Strategy

Create your session storage

// app/session.server.ts
import { createCookieSessionStorage } from "remix";

export let sessionStorage = createCookieSessionStorage({
  cookie: {
    name: "_session",
    sameSite: "lax",
    path: "/",
    httpOnly: true,
    secrets: ["s3cr3t"],
    secure: process.env.NODE_ENV === "production",

export let { getSession, commitSession, destroySession } = sessionStorage;

Setup Remix Auth

// app/auth.server.ts
import { Authenticator, LocalStrategy } from "remix-auth";
import { sessionStorage } from "~/session.server";
import { User, findOrCreateUser } from "~/models/user";

// Create an instance of the authenticator, pass a generic with what your
// strategies will return and will be stored in the session
export let authenticator = new Authenticator<User>(sessionStorage);

// Add the local strategy
  new LocalStrategy(
    // The strategy will use this URL to redirect the user in case it's logged-in
    // And to know if it should grab the username and password from the request
    // body in case of a POST request
    { loginURL: "/login" },
    async (username, password) => {
      // Find your user data in your database or external service
      let user = await findOrCreateUser({ username });
      await user.validatePassword(password);
      return user;
  // The name of the strategy, every strategy has a default name, only add one
  // if you want to override it (e.g. setup more than one strategy)

Setup your routes

// app/routes/login.tsx
import { ActionFunction, LoaderFunction, redirect } from "remix";
import { authenticator } from "~/auth.server";
import { getSession, commitSession } from "~/session.server";

export let action: ActionFunction = async ({ request }) => {
  // Authenticate the request, your callback will be called if the user is
  // logged-in, if not a redirect will be performed to the login URL
  return authenticator.authenticate("local", request, async (user) => {
    let session = await getSession(request.headers.get("Cookie"));
    session.set(authenticator.sessionKey, user);
    return redirect("/dashboard", {
      headers: {
        "Set-Cookie": await commitSession(session),

export let loader: LoaderFunction = async ({ request }) => {
  // Check if the user is already logged-in
  let user = await authenticator.isAuthenticated(request);
  if (!user) return new Response("");
  return redirect("/dashboard");

export default function Login() {
  return (
    <form action="/login" method="post">
      <input type="text" name="username" required />
      <input type="password" name="password" required />
      <button>Log In</button>


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