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Status: Tested
Description: Tomcat 7.0.23
Maintainer: Cloudify
Maintainer email:
Contributors: tamirko
License: Apache 2.0
Linux sudoer permissions*: Not required
Windows Admin permissions*: Not required
Release Date: July 1st 2012

Tested on:

  • localCloud: Windows 7 and CentOs
  • EC2: Ubuntu and CentOs
  • OpenStack: CentOs
  • Rackspace: CentOs


This folder contains a service recipe for Tomcat 7.0.23.

Its default http port is 8080, but it can be modified in the Its other ports can be also set in the

You can enable/disable the usage of load balancer, by modifying the useLoadBalancer property in If you set useLoadBalancer to true, then during its postStart event, each tomcat service instance will register itself to a load balancer. In order to use this option, you need to enable a "brother" load balancer service or have an external load balancer.

The full path from which your application war file should be downloaded, needs to be set in the applicationWarUrl property in

For example: applicationWarUrl = ""

If the application that you deploy on this service, requires a database, you need to set the db's properties in the The following three properties need to be set:

  • dbServiceName="NO_DB_REQUIRED"
  • dbHostVarName="DB_SERVICE_IP"
  • dbPortVarName="DB_SERVICE_PORT"