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Simple token library for creating secure tokens that can be passed back to a client with a hash being stored in a database.


npm install tolken


Creating a token

To create a token, you'll need to provide an ID specific to your domain (userId, etc). Generally there should be one ID per token generated.

var id = '123456';
var jwtSecret = 'grumpycat';

tolken.generate(id, jwtSecret, function(err, details) {
  if(err) return done(err);

  // Now, send details.clientToken to the client (but don't store it on the server)

  // And store details.serverToken in your database


Validating a token

There are two steps in validating the token.

Extract the ID from the token using extractIdFromClientToken

var jwtSecret = 'grumpycat';

var id = tolken.extractIdFromClientToken(clientToken, jwtSecret);

// Use this ID to lookup the persisted token from the database

Once you have retrieved the server token hash from your database, use verifyClientToken to verify the token is valid

tolken.verifyClientToken(clientToken, serverToken, jwtSecret, function(match) {
  if(match) {
    // The token is valid


Lots, this is a first cut! Any suggestions welcome.