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todo.txt-node is a Node.js port of todo.txt-cli.

todo.txt-node is a near drop-in replacement for todo.txt-cli (

  • line-by-line port from bash script to coffeescript
  • passes 345 tests from todo.txt-cli test suite

Major differences between todo.txt-node and todo.txt-cli:

  • todo.txt-node depends only on Node.js; Cygwin/Linux not required.
  • todo.txt-node can be used as a library and called from other JavaScript applications.
  • todo.txt-node does not support add-ons or Bash command line completion.

Installation: (Node.js required)

npm -g install todo.txt-node

How to Use from the Command Line: just like

todo help In case of conflict with another todo command on your computer, you can also use ntodo

More information:

How to Use from Your Own JavaScript Project:

Documentation coming soon... meanwhile, here are two examples: