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A JavaScript parser and container for the TODO files in the todo.txt format.

From CLI to JavaScript

A mapping of what to do for each CLI command (and an implementation status).

  • Multiple lists - multiple in-memory lists are supported through multiple instances of TodoList. Todo: Ability to persist and retrieve from a file.
  • add|a - Implemented. TodoList.add(task)
  • addm - Will be implemented as a file reader. Call TodoList.add lots.
  • addto - Call TodoList.add on the correct TodoList instance.
  • append|app - Implemented: TodoList.append(id, text), TodoItem.append(text).
  • archive - Todo with file management.
  • deduplicate - Implemented: TodoList.deduplicate()
  • del|rm - Implemented: TodoList.remove(id)
  • depri|dp - Implemented: TodoList.deprioritise(1), TodoItem.deprioritise()
  • do - Implemented: TodoList.findById(id).complete(), TodoList.complete(1, 2, 3)
  • list|ls - Implemented: TodoList.list(term, priority, case_sensitive, completed). Todo: helpers/aliases (below)
  • listall|lsa - Implemented: TodoList.listAll([term], [priority], [case])
  • listcon|lsc - Implemented: TodoList.contexts()
  • listproj|lsprj - Implemented: TodoList.projects()
  • move - Todo with file management.
  • prepend|prep - Implemented: TodoList.prepend(id, text), TodoItem.prepend(text).
  • pri|p - TodoItem.priority = "A", TodoList.prioritise(1, "A")
  • replace - TodoList.replace(1, "New task text").
  • report - Todo.


This library aims to be both <script> and module compatible (so you can use it with node/rhino). I think it's CommonJS compatible at the moment - if it's not and you know how to make it so - please send a PR! Finding good information on this has been difficult.


Tested with Jasmine - these can be run using SpecRunner.html which runs them in the browser, or by node using node-jasmine (npm test).


This project does things quite similarly to jsTodoTxt; it also:

  • Has a list container that allows for actions on the list (such as add, append, pri, sorting etc.) from the CLI tool.
  • Should be both client and server compatible.
  • Contains an EBNF notation.

Why not fork? I wanted to have a bash at building a JS lib from scratch :)

Primarily developed for a todotxt-demo app.