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What is a toddick?

A toddick is a JavaScript object that sends and receives asynchronous messages.

Toddicks are a way to write asynchronous code for node.js without using deeply nested JavaScript callbacks.

Toddicks implement an actor programming model with a framework similar to the one provided by Erlang.

The following is an example toddick. It produces output each time it receives an SAY_HELLO message. The hello_world.SAY_HELLO() code asynchronously sends the SAY_HELLO message to the toddick.

var toddick = require('toddick');
var HelloWorld = toddick(
    SAY_HELLO: function() {
      console.log('hello async world!');
var hello_world = new HelloWorld();
hello_world.SAY_HELLO();   // this call is async 

The word toddick means a very small quantity of something. The name is appropriate because toddick based progams typlically concist of many different kinds of small, simple, and highly focused toddicks cooperating to perform complex tasks.

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