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    Tocas UI

    The fastest and most intuitive way to build diverse websites and progressive web application interfaces.


    🌼 Features

    • No jQuery dependency

      No external JavaScript library dependencies.

    • Pure CSS

      Tocas UI works well with all front-end frameworks. No built-in modules that take over the jobs from your favorite libraries.

    • No npm or Webpack

      You don't need to install a bunch of packages via npm, nor setting up a bunch of loaders in Webpack.

    • Concise, semantic class names

      Stlying colors with emphasises like negative and positive, meaningful class names like is-outlined.

    • Dynamic color scheme that supports light/dark themes

      Automatically switch the color schemes between light/dark themes.

    • Over 50 components with 100+ combinations

      Take a look at the examples and see what you can create with Tocas UI.


    📀 Install now!

    Just copy the HTML tags to your <head>...</head> section and have a blast🔥.

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
    <script src=""></script>

    Or maybe you like npm 👀

    npm i tocas

    Then you should import the file from @tocas/dist/tocas.min.css and @tocas/dist/tocas.min.js.


    🚀 Use

    <button class="ts-button">Button</button>
    <div class="ts-header">Header</div>
    <div class="ts-input">
        <input type="text" placeholder="Search…" />


    📘 Documentation

    See the official site: [ ↗︎]


    ❤️ Loves from Taiwan

    ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و Designed by Yami Odymel from 🇹🇼 Taiwan with the love of the contributors ❤️

    The source code is licensed under MIT and the documents are CC 0 public domain. Tocas UI is a design language of Caris Events, which is owned by Sorae & Co., Ltd.


    npm i tocas

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