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Convert a variety of formats to an rgba array.


Basically used to make plugins etc input format agnostic. Give it a canvas, an image in a buffer, a buffer with RGBA pixels, and it'll ensure you have a Uint8ClampedArray out.


var toRGBAArray = require('to-rgba-array');
var assert = require('assert');
var canvas = new Canvas(200,200);
const result = toRGBAArray(canvas);
assert(result instanceof Uint8ClampedArray);



module.exports(frame) ⇒ Uint8ClampedArray

Convert an input image into a Uint8ClampedArray containing RGBA pixels.

Kind: Exported function Returns: Uint8ClampedArray - The RGBA pixels.

Param Type Description
frame Canvas | Buffer The input image. Buffer can contain an image format (jpeg/png etc) or just RGBA pixels.

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