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Generate markup


Generating markup can get ugly, the mix of html and javascript can get very confusing very quickly. This little library helps you create readable code. It also has no dependencies so you can use it on your node.js server.


var template = require('to-ml')().template
template(function() {
  return div('hey!',
    span('this is', 
<span>hey!<span>this is<b>easy</b></span></span>

IDs and Classes

If a string value matches the pattern used to create IDs and classes, they will be automatically generated.

a('', 'home', { href: '/' })
<a id="home" class="primary link" href="/">home</a>

The pattarn to determine if a string value passed to a tag function is special looks like this...


Adding attributes

Just add an object to the arguments, doesnt mater what order it's provided in.

textarea('hey!', { value: 'greeting' })
<div id="greeting">hey!</div>

When there are no params

  h1('Hello, World!')
<header><br><h1>Hello, World!</h1><hr><br></header>