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Contains the source code for the NativeScript's Android runtime. The android-runtime is a main component used in NativeScript.

Main Projects

The repo is structured in the following projects (ordered by dependencies):

  • android-metadata-generator - generates metadata necessary for the Android Runtime.
  • android-binding-generator - enables Java & Android types to be dynamically created at runtime. Needed by the extend routine.
  • android-runtime - contains the core logic behind the NativeScript's Android Runtime. This project contains native C++ code and needs the Android NDK to build properly.
  • android-runtime-testapp - this is a vanilla Android Application, which contains the tests for the runtime project.

Helper Projects

Build Prerequisites

Following are the minimal prerequisites to build the runtime package.

  • Install the latest Android Studio .
  • Install Android API Level 22, 23, 24, 25 from Android Studio -> Tools -> Android -> SDK Manager
  • Android NDK 15c - NDK Archives or NDK Downloads if you can't find it in the archives.
  • Download Android Support Repository through the Android SDK Manager
  • Download Build Tools 25.0.2 through the Android SDK Manager.

How to build

  • Run command




  • The build process includes building of the runtime package (both optimized and with unstripped v8 symbol table), as well as all supplementary tools used for the android builds: metadata-generator, binding-generator, metadata-generator, static-binding-generator

  • The result of the build will be in the dist folder.

    Note: To cut the build time in half and package only the optimized (stripped) version of the runtime package comment out 'tasks.generateRuntimeAar.execute()' in the build.gradle script.

How to run tests

  • Go to subfolder test-app after you built the runtime.

  • Start an emulator or connect a device.

    Note: Keep in mind the device or emulator needs to have an sdcard mounted.

  • Run command

gradlew runtest