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    Adhering to Atwood's Law, here comes the tmux session manager written for NodeJS similar to tmuxinator and tmuxp


    Rudimentary tested with

    • NodeJS 6.11.5/tmux 2.6/MacOS 10.13.1,
    • NodeJS 6.11.5/tmux 2.6.3/Ubuntu 18.04 LTS,
    • NodeJS 10.15.3/tmux 2.6.3/Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and
    • NodeJS 10.15.2/tmux 2.9a/MacOS 10.14.4

    Other or older versions of tmux are not tested or supported.

    npm install -g tmuxn


      Usage: tmuxn [--create/--start/--kill/--debug] <project_name>
        -V, --version                output the version number
        -c, --create <project_name>  Create new project with name
        -s, --start <project_name>   Start project with name
        -k, --kill <project_name>    Kill project with name
        -d, --debug <project_name>   Print shell commands of project with name
        -p, --project <project_config> Provide project config file
        -r, --root <project_root>    Provide project root start point
        -h, --help                   output usage information

    What does it do?

    • Start tmux sessions configured in .yml-files, tmuxinator-style
    • Figure out where to store the config files ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME/tmuxn or ~/.tmuxn)
    • Docs / gotchas from tmuxinator should apply to tmuxn as well

    What does it not do?

    • Depend on $EDITOR
    • Do anything Ruby-specific
    • Manage (copy/delete) the configuration files
    • Provide bash completion

    Sample config

    # ~/.tmuxn/sample.yml
    name: sample
    root: ~/
    # Optional tmux socket
    # socket_name: foo
    # Runs before everything. Use it to start daemons etc.
    # pre: mongod
    # Project hooks
    # Runs on project start, always
    # on_project_start: command
    # Run on project start, the first time
    # on_project_first_start: command
    # Run on project start, after the first time
    # on_project_restart: command
    # Run on project exit ( detaching from tmux session )
    # on_project_exit: command
    # Runs in each window and pane before window/pane specific commands.
    # Useful for setting up interpreter versions.
    # pre_window: nvm use --lts
    # Pass command line options to tmux. Useful for specifying a different tmux.conf.
    # tmux_options: -f ~/.tmux.mac.conf
    # Change the command to call tmux.  This can be used by derivatives/wrappers like byobu.
    # tmux_command: byobu
    # Specifies (by name or index) which window will be selected on project startup.
    # If not set, the first window is used.
    # startup_window: editor
    # Specifies (by index) which pane of the specified window will be selected on project startup.
    # If not set, the first pane is used.
    # startup_pane: 1
    # Controls whether the tmux session should be attached to automatically. Defaults to true.
    # attach: false
    # Runs after everything. Use it to attach to tmux with custom options etc.
    # post: tmux -CC attach -t sample
      - editor:
        layout: main-vertical
        # Synchronize all panes of this window after the pane commands.
        # synchronize: after
          - vim
          - mongo
      - server: node app.js
      - logs: tail -f access.log


    npm i tmuxn

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