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A tiny utitility to generate tmux commands from a layout description in JSON format.


Make sure you have installed node.js including NPM

 sudo npm install -g tmux-layout


Start a new tmux session with a given layout

tmux-layout # uses tmux.json file in current directory
tmux-layout /path/to/layout.json

Print out the "compiled" tmux command

tmux-layout -c /path/to/layout.json

Layout Files

The layout files are kept very simple, yet. The following example file should suffice for documentation purporses:

  "title": "tmux-layout (Purescript)",
  "windows": [
      "title": "Main",
      "layout": {
        "left": {
          "top": "psci",
          "bottom": "git status"
        "right": "ls -al"