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The Movie Database (TMDb) SDK.


  • Automatic rate-throttling
  • Strict types


import {
} from 'tmdb';
 * @see
const apiKey: string = '';
const tmdb = new Tmdb(apiKey);


Refer to the source code and the type definitions.

Note: Only a subset of the API is implemented. I will be adding new methods as needed. If you need a method added, raise a PR. Alternatively, you can use the low-level get method to construct any API calls.

Handling errors

Methods that are expected to return a specific resource will throw NotFoundError if the resource is not found.

import {
} from 'tmdb';
const tmdb = new Tmdb([..]);
try {
  await tmdb.getMovie(1);
} catch (error) {
  if (error instanceof NotFoundError) {
    console.error('Movie TMDb ID #1 not found.');
  } else {
    throw error;