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tldr-lint is a linting tool for validating tldr pages. It can also format your pages for you!


tldr-lint and its alias tldrl can be installed via npm:

npm install --global tldr-lint


It's really simple.

Usage: tldr-lint [options] <file|dir>

  -V, --version        output the version number
  -f, --format         also attempt formatting (to stdout, or as specified by -o)
  -o, --output <file>  output to formatted file
  -i, --in-place       formats in place
  -t, --tabular        format errors in a tabular format
  -v, --verbose        print verbose output
  -I, --ignore <codes> ignore comma separated tldr-lint error codes (e.g. "TLDR001,TLDR0014")
  -h, --help           display help for command

Usage via Docker

We provide a Dockerfile for reproducibly building and testing tldr-lint even without having NodeJS installed.

For building the Docker image, run this command inside the cloned tldr-lint repository:

docker build -t tldr-lint .

For running a tldr-lint container, you need to mount a volume containing the page(s) you want to lint to the container. For checking a single page, run (replacing {{/path/to/}} with the path to the page you want to check):

docker run --rm -v {{/path/to/}}:/app/ tldr-lint

In order to run the container on a directory, mount this directory as follows:

docker run --rm -v {{/path/to/directory}}:/app/pages tldr-lint pages/

[!NOTE] For Windows users, specify the full path to the directory or page you want to check along with the docker run command above.

Linter errors

All of the errors can be found in lib/tldr-lint.js.

Error Code Description
TLDR001 File should contain no leading whitespace
TLDR002 A single space should precede a sentence
TLDR003 Descriptions should start with a capital letter
TLDR004 Command descriptions should end in a period
TLDR005 Example descriptions should end in a colon with no trailing characters
TLDR006 Command name and description should be separated by an empty line
TLDR007 Example descriptions should be surrounded by empty lines
TLDR008 File should contain no trailing whitespace
TLDR009 Page should contain a newline at end of file
TLDR010 Only Unix-style line endings allowed
TLDR011 Page never contains more than a single empty line
TLDR012 Page should contain no tabs
TLDR013 Title should be alphanumeric with dashes, underscores or spaces
TLDR014 Page should contain no trailing whitespace
TLDR015 Example descriptions should start with a capital letter
TLDR016 Label for information link should be spelled exactly More information:
TLDR017 Information link should be surrounded with angle brackets
TLDR018 Page should only include a single information link
TLDR019 Page should only include a maximum of 8 examples
TLDR020 Label for additional notes should be spelled exactly Note: (with a succeeding whitespace)
TLDR021 Command example should not begin or end in whitespace
TLDR101 Command description probably not properly annotated
TLDR102 Example description probably not properly annotated
TLDR103 Command example is missing its closing backtick
TLDR104 Example descriptions should prefer infinitive tense (e.g. write) over present (e.g. writes) or gerund (e.g. writing)
TLDR105 There should be only one command per example
TLDR106 Page title should start with a hash (#)
TLDR107 File name should end with .md extension
TLDR108 File name should not contain whitespace
TLDR109 File name should be lowercase
TLDR110 Command example should not be empty

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