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A Node.js based command-line client for tldr.

$ npm install -g tldr

To see tldr pages:

  • tldr <command> show examples for this command
  • tldr <command> --os=<platform> show command page for the given platform (linux, osx, sunos)
  • tldr --linux <command> show command page for Linux
  • tldr --osx <command> show command page for OSX
  • tldr --sunos <command> show command page for SunOS
  • tldr --list show all pages for current platform
  • tldr --list-all show all available pages
  • tldr --random show a page at random
  • tldr --random-example show a single random example

The client caches a copy of all pages locally, in ~/.tldr. There are more commands to control the local cache:

  • tldr --update download the latest pages
  • tldr --clear-cache delete the entire local cache

As a contributor, you might also need the following commands:

  • tldr --render <path> render a local page for testing purposes

You can configure the tldr client by adding a .tldrrc file in your HOME directory. This file has to be valid JSON:

  "colors": {
    "text": "green",
    "command-background": "black",
    "command-foreground": "red",
    "command-token": "white"

If you regularly need pages for a different platform (e.g. Linux), you can put it in the config file:

  "platform": "linux"

The default platform value can be overwritten with command-line option:

tldr du --os=osx

As a contributor, you can also point to your own fork or branch:

  "repository" : "myfork/tldr",
  // or 
  "repository" : "myfork/tldr#mybranch",

Contribution are most welcome! Have a look over here for a few rough guidelines.