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Wrapper around gremlin-node to provide out of the box support for Titan graph database.

gremlin-node does not include the jar files for Titan, nor does it make any assumptions based on using Titan as a backend. This project customizes gremlin-node to make it easier to get up and running:

  • includes the appropriate Java jar files for Titan 0.4.1 in the classpath
  • adds Titan-specific enums and data types to the gremlin object (e.g. Geo and Geoshape)
  • adds loglevel option to the gremlin constructor to control Titan verbosity. see logback's documentation for all available levels
  • passes the recommended runtime flags to the JVM instance instantiated by gremlin-node


$ npm install titan-node

Quick start

var Titan = require('titan-node');
var gremlin = new Titan.Gremlin({ loglevel: 'OFF' });
var GraphOfTheGodsFactory ='com.thinkaurelius.titan.example.GraphOfTheGodsFactory');
var graph = GraphOfTheGodsFactory.createSync('testdirectory');
var g = gremlin.wrap(graph);
g.V('name', 'saturn').next(function (err, saturn) {
  g.start(saturn).in('father').in('father').next(function (err, grandchild) {
    var name = grandchild.getPropertySync('name');