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    tinymce-image-map for TinyMCE 4

    Plugin that enables you to draw shapes as image maps on an img through tinyMCE

    This plugin was written to provide a used to draw shapes on an image in an HTML document and add the url. When done, the plugin will generate a map element that contains area elements with coords and shape and href properties set that correspond to the images drawn. Note: the target ref is always set to _blank. When I wrote this plugin, the use case in mind was to allow a user to embed a link in an image that will be used in an HTML email. It's not responsive, not the best pracite, I know, but some are stuck and have to do things the old fashioned way. Hopefully this plugin helps fill that gap.


    npm i --save tinymce-image-map

    Note: One of the devDependencies used for testing is node-canvas, and this may require additional libs, (cairo) on your machine.

    The development server

    By running the npm start command you start the development server and open a browser window with an instance of TinyMCE with your plugin added to it. This window will reload automatically whenever a change is detected in the index.html file in the static folder or in one of the JavaScript files in the src directory.

    The production build

    By running the npm run build command Webpack will create a dist directory with a child directory with the name of your plugin (tinymce-image-map) containing three files:

    • plugin.js - the bundled plugin
    • plugin.min.js - the bundles, uglified and minified plugin
    • LICENSE - a file explaining the license of your plugin (copied over from src/LICENSE)

    Integrate plugin in your project

    1. Copy the tinymce-image-map folder from dist to your project's tinymce plugins directory.
    2. In your tinymce.init, add imageMap to plugins, contextmenu, and (optional) toolbar properties
    3. Profit

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    npm i tinymce-image-map

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