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a lightweight markdown parser beyond the regular constrains

build status

What Does tinydown Support

Initially ideated to write markdown on blogger or other online platforms, this fully tested parser can do the following:

  • lists, like this one, both ordered and / or unordered with the possibility to go new line preserving the list item
    1. so that this becomes a nested item
    2. and this one too
  • em and strong via single or double * or _
  • paragraphs to keep the semantic right
  • blockquotes and nested block quotes
  • links and images
  • hr, br, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6
  • code blocks, inline blocks, and tick`box
  • basically all you can do with markdown in a sort of simplified way ... plus
  • twitter handlers, just @handler and a link to the profile will be created, ie @WebReflection
  • youtube embedded videos, i.e. ![noniframe cotent]( alternative cotent
  • gists from github, hacking the document.write like a boss so you can do that on the fly regardless ![just a gist]( will produce just a gist

You can also try the test page able to show this own layout on the fly.


Manually checked and tested over webOS, Android 2.X+, iOS 4+, IE 9+ Mobile, IE 9+ Desktop, Stock WebKit, Chrome and Mobile, Chropera, and all mobile are just OK.

IE8 has a RegExp bug I don't care much and it appears only if you use tab or spaces for code instead of triple back ticks.

If layout generation is a major concern, you need node.js or any other way to pre compile and serve the already parsed output.


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