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A small SHA-256 implementation for JavaScript

The goals of this project are:

  • small size - the minified version is only 849 bytes
  • readability - the unminified code should be relatively easy to understand/review

Input must be an ASCII string - if character codes outside the range 0-255 are received, undefined is returned.

In the browser

The code (sha256.js or sha256.min.js) defines the sha256(string) function, which returns the hexadecimal-encoded SHA-256 hash of the input string.

AMD is also supported - use index.js instead.

In Node/CommonJS

If you're on Node, you should probably use the version from the built-in crypto module.

However, it is made available as a CommonJS module, including the source code for the minified version:

var sha256 = require('tiny-sha256');
var jsCode = sha256.code + 'alert(sha256("hello!"));';


This library is released as "public domain". You can copy, modify, re-release and re-license, or incorporate into any other project without restriction of any kind.