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    Service Worker with automatic cache management for your PWA.

    How do I use this?

    • Install from npm or clone from github.
    • Copy sw.js to root directory of web app.
    • Edit sw.js, renaming name & setting urls to the required files to run web app offline.
    • Increment the version integer any time a core asset changes to delete a stale cache.
    • Install sw.js in web app (see loader.js).
    (function () {
    	function log (arg) {
    		console.type(`[my-app:${new Date().getTime()}] ${arg}`);
    	if ("serviceWorker" in navigator) {
    		window.addEventListener("load", async () => {
    			try {
    				const registration = await navigator.serviceWorker.register("/sw.js", {scope: "/"});
    				log(`type=serviceWorker, message="ServiceWorker registration successful with scope: ${registration.scope}"`);
    			} catch (err) {
    				log(`type=error, source=serviceWorker, message="ServiceWorker registration failed: ${err.message}"`);

    Command Line Interface

    Install with npm & use the cli to generate a service worker in the current directory.

    $ npm i tiny-serviceworker -g
    $ sw --name="myapp" --directories="assets/css,assets/js,assets/img" --loader=true



    Name of your PWA

    announce (optional - default true)

    Boolean to enable a client.postMessage("version_$version");

    directories (optional)

    Quoted comma delimited relative (from root) directory names to include in generated service worker

    files (optional)

    Quoted comma delimited relative (from root) files to include in generated service worker

    increment (optional - default true)

    Boolean to auto-increment version integer in sw.js

    ignore (optional)

    Quoted comma delimited relative (from root) directories or files to exclude; supports * for wildcards

    loader (optional - default false)

    Boolean to generate loader.js script for sw.js

    reload (optional - default false)

    Boolean to force clients to reload when cache has gone stale

    safari (optional - default true)

    Boolean to load service worker in Safari browser (based on navigator.userAgent)

    timeout (optional - default 1800)

    Default cache TTL (seconds) on requested URLs. Does not apply to core assets!

    version (optional - default 1)

    Cache version. Increment when core assets change.

    walk (optional - default true, requires 'directories')

    Boolean to enable/disable walking directories for cache inclusion


    npm i tiny-serviceworker

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