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What is this?

It's a no nonsense configuration setup module for node.js projects. It's very lightweight and has absolutely no dependencies on any third party packages.

How does it work?

It follows a very simple and straight forward convention, it looks for a directory name config in the root folder of your project, you can ofcourse change this to be any directory by setting NODE_CONFIG_PATH env variale value to respective directory path, which should be relative to your project root directory.

You can put configuration files in JSON format in the config directory. You can choose the name of the config file to be anything, at the runtime module checks the value of NODE_ENV environment variable and will try to resolve the config file based on it's value. By default if there is a config file present in the directory named default.json then it will be treated as the base config file, this is absolutely optional you might choose to not have any default.json file which will work without any issues.

For example, if you have following files in you config directory:

├── default.json
├── development.json
├── local.json
├── production.json
└── qa.json

and you have NODE_ENV env variale set to qa then all the settings present in the default.json will be taken first and then all the settings present in the qa.json would be applied on top of it, in which case addition settings will be added, settings with the same key would be overwritten and missing setting would be carried from the default.json.

Quick Start

Add the dependency using npm like you might have done million times already:

npm install tiny-config --save
mkdir config

considering you have following default.json

    "profile": {
        "name": "xyz",
    "connectionString": "abc"

and dev.json is:

    "profile": {
        "age": 48,
        "email": ""
    "connectionString": "efg"

considering you have set NODE_ENV to dev, you can access the setting as follows:

var config = require('config');
var name = config.get('');
var age = config.get('profile.age');
var email = config.get('');
var conStr = config.get('connectionString');
var all = config.getAll()
//Will return all the settings