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Tinder Pro

A wrapper for the Tinder API


via npm

npm install tinder_pro

via git

git clone https://github.com/tranhungt/tinder_pro.git

Getting the Facebook OAUTH Tokens

In order to use the API, you will need the facebook oauth token. To get the facebook oauth token, it's best to use a proxy service such as Charles Proxy. You can set up Charles Proxy by following a simple walkthrough here:


After setting up the proxy, initiate the tinder app on your phone, and you will see the http request to https://api.gotinder.com/auth. Check the request json body, and you will see something like

  "facebook_token": "CAAGm0PX4ZCps............",
  "facebook_id": "761..."



With the facebook auth token, you can plug it into the app's auth.

var FACEBOOK_ID = "761..."
var FACEBOOK_TOKEN = "BAAGm0PX4ZCps............"
var TinderPro = require('tinder_pro')
var tinder = new TinderPro()
tinder.sign_in(FACEBOOK_ID, FACEBOOK_TOKEN, function(err, res, body){})

Every function is an asynchronous request to Tinder's API, therefore takes a callback with the params callback(err, res, body) that reflects the API's response.

Interacting with Users


Returns an array of json user objects.

.like(user_id, callback)

Likes a user, equivalent of swiping right.

.dislike(user_id, callback)

Passes on the user.

.send_message(user_id, message, callback)

Sends a message to the user. You can only do this to users whom you've been matched with.
Generally used after you call `.like` and the response body.match is true.

Gets updates from your last visit, ie. messages, likes, blocks.

###Updating preferences
.update_search_distance(distance, callback)

Takes an integer distance in miles and updates your search distance preference.

.update_location(latitude, longitude, callback)

Updates your current position. Latitude and longitude are float precision.

Copyright © 2014 Hung Tran

Released under the MIT License, which can be found in the repository in `LICENSE.txt`.

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