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Tincan Validator

Validates Tincan API statements, activities, agents, and states


npm install tincan-validator


Can be used sync or async style.

var validator = require("tincan-validator");
var statementErrors = validator.validateStatement(myStatement);
validator.validateActivity(myActivity, function(activityErrors){

Available methods

  • validateStatement(statement, callback)
  • validateAgent(agent, callback)
  • validateActivity(activity, callback)
  • validateState(state, callback) //TODO

Additional methods

These are used internally by the above methods, but are available if you need them.

  • validateActor(actor, callback)
  • validateGroup(group, callback)
  • validateVerb(verb, callback)
  • validateLanguageMap(languageMap, callback)
  • validateObject(object, callback)
  • validateResult(result, callback)
  • validateISO8601(timestamp, callback)
  • validateContext(context, callback)
  • validateVersion(version, callback)
  • validateAuthority(authority, callback)


npm install
grunt test
grunt build

Development is all coffeescript located in /src.

Tests are located in /test with mock validation objects in /test/mocks

Any contributions should pass all existing unit tests before a pull request will be accepted.

Ideally unit tests should be written for contributions


  • validate statement context
  • validate statement authority
  • validate states
  • descriptions for all errors
  • add some failure tests