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Create functions that return a specific property of any passed object.


Create functions for use with functional methods like map, reduce, filter, etc. that get object properties without need of anonymous wrappers.

$ component install timoxley/get

See Components

$ npm install timoxley-get

Sorry for namespaced package, all good names taken.

Horrible anonymous wrapper is required to map the length property.

['apple', 'banana', 'pineapple'].map(function(str) {
 return str.length
// => [5, 6, 9] 

Wow. Much cleaner.

['apple', 'banana', 'pineapple'].map(get('length'))
// => [5, 6, 9] 
// Calls the 'italics' method on each supplied item 
['apple', 'banana', 'pineapple'].map(get('italics'))
// => ['<i>apple</i>', '<i>banana</i>', '<i>pineapple</i>'] 
// Calls the 'substr' method, passing in arguments 
['apple', 'banana', 'pineapple'].map(get('substr', 0, 1))
// => ['a', 'b', 'p'] 

Takes a property name, prop along with any number of additional arguments, and returns a function, that takes an object of any type, and returns the value of prop on that object. If prop is a method, the returned value with be the result of evaluating that method, passing in the the additional arguments.

Turns out this is hard to describe.