Used for collecting data into discrete 60 second time slices. So say you're at 23:45:12 and you want to collect data for the previous slice of 60 seconds. That is, you want to get data starting from 23:44:00 and going to 23:44:59, not from 23:44:12. This can be used for supplying data to 3rd party libraries such as Graphite.

Currently there is support for push and incr

The 'push' key is for values such as response times where you want to collect a lot of them and then find the min, max, avg, etc.

The 'incr' key is a single incremented value and is used for collecting data such as total number of users.


npm install


var ts = require('ts');

ts.setup({ push: ['response'] }, function(err) {
  ts.push('response', 56);
  ts.push('response', 129);
  ts.push('response', 23);

  // After a minute
  ts.fields('push', function(err, results) {
    console.log(results); // { response: [56, 129, 23] }

MIT License