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Timers extensions


$ npm install timers-ext

To port it to Browser or any other (non CJS) environment, use your favorite CJS bundler. No favorite yet? Try: Browserify, Webmake or Webpack


MAX_TIMEOUT (timers-ext/max-timeout)

Maximum possible timeout value in milliseconds. It equals to maximum positive value for 32bit signed integer, so 2³¹ (2147483647), which makes it around 24.9 days

delay(fn[, timeout]) (timers-ext/delay)

Returns function which when invoked will call fn function after specified timeout. If timeout is not provided nextTick propagation is used.

once(fn[, timeout]) (timers-ext/once)

Makes sure to execute fn function only once after a defined interval of time (debounce). If timeout is not provided nextTick propagation is used.

var nextTick = require('next-tick');
var logFoo = function () { console.log('foo'); };
var logFooOnce = require('timers-ext/once')(logFoo);
logFooOnce(); // ignored, logFoo will be logged only once 
logFooOnce(); // ignored 
nextTick(function () {
 logFooOnce(); // Invokes another log (as tick passed) 
 logFooOnce(); // ignored 
 logFooOnce(); // ignored 

validTimeout(timeout) (timers-ext/valid-timeout)

Validates timeout value.
For NaN resolved timeout 0 is returned. If timeout resolves to a number:

  • for timeout < 0 0 is returned
  • for 0 >= timeout <= MAX_TIMEOUT, timeout value is returned
  • for timeout > MAX_TIMEOUT exception is thrown

Tests Build Status

$ npm test