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Sugar for JavaScript's ugly, ugly timer functions


var timer = require('timer-ease');

// Call after 200 msec
timer.after(200, function(){ console.log('hi') });

// Call on 1st Jan 2017 new Date(2017, 1), function() { console.log('Happy new year!') });

// Call every 3 seconds
timer.every(3000, function(){ console.log('tick tock') });

// Call every minute for 10 minutes
timer.every(60*1000, function(){ console.log('goes the clock') })


  • after(msecs, cb) -> timerobj

After msecs delay, call cb.

  • at(date, cb) -> timerobj

At date, call cb. date can be a Date object or seconds since 1970. At timestamp (in seconds since 1970, aka date.getTime()).

  • every(msecs, cb) -> timerobj

Every msecs, call cb.


  • stop()

Stops the timer from triggering further.

  • stopAfter(msecs) (objects produced by every only)

Stops the timer from triggering further after msecs.

  • unref()

As per setInterval/setTimeout ids, this makes it so that having this timer outstanding won't keep the event loop from terminating.

  • ref()

As per setInterval/setTimeout ids, this undoes a previous call to unref().

Prior Art

timer - Almost the API I wanted, but not quite.

ONE::Timer - The API this models