A simple command-line time tracker, inspired by timetrap and built on PouchDB so its database is syncable.


timepouch is a command-line time tracking utility made with node.js and PouchDB. It was inspired by timetrap. timepouch improves on timetrap by using a database that can very easily sync with CouchDB.

npm install -g timepouch
$ tp --help
  -d, --display  Display checkins for the current sheet
  -s, --sheet    Select or create a sheet              
  -l, --list     Display timesheets                    
  -i, --in       Check in to the current timesheet
  -o, --out      Check out of the current timesheet


  • Add a sync option
  • Build a web interface to make syncing with a CouchDB useful
  • Improve output formatting and reporting
  • Add editing
  • Add ability to specify start and end times