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Nitrogen application that automatically takes photos around sunset given a location and a camera id.

Using this application

  1. Nitrogen applications are executed in a reactor. Check out our project page for an walkthrough of Nitrogen if this is your first exposure to it.
  2. Use the Nitrogen command tool to install this application into a reactor:

n2 reactor install <reactor_id> <instance_id> sunset

  1. Then start the application using:

n2 reactor install <reactor_id> <instance_id> --params '{"camera_id": "ID", "latitude": 34.22, "longitude": -123.12}'


  • camera_id: The camera to take a photo of the sunset with
  • latitude: The latitude this camera is at (for calculation of the sunset time)
  • longitude: The longitude this camera is at (for calculation of the sunset time)

Nitrogen Project

The Nitrogen project is housed in a set of GitHub projects:

  1. service: Core platform responsible for managing principals, security, and messaging.
  2. client: JavaScript client library for building Nitrogen devices and applications.
  3. admin: Web admin tool for working with the Nitrogen service.
  4. device: Device principals for common pieces of hardware.
  5. commands: CommandManagers and schemas for well known command types.
  6. cli: Command line interface for working with the Nitrogen service.
  7. reactor: Always-on hosted application execution platform.
  8. apps: Project maintained Nitrogen applications.