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Time-based Streaming Chunking

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A node.js deplux stream that buffers input for a while before outputting it. This is useful if you have an readable-stream producing many small chunks that you want to pipe to a writable-stream and the writable-stream only handles large chunks efficiently.

Consider the following setup:

  • streamIn, produces a lot of small chunks (e.g. output from a subprocess),
  • streamOut, takes a long time to write a single chunk regardless of size (e.g. sends the chunk over network to a database and commits)

Now, streamIn.pipe(streamOut) would be a bad idea, because streamOut has a large overhead for each chunk regardless of size. Instead using streamIn.pipe(new TimeChunkedStream({timeout: 5000})).pipe(streamOut) would buffer the chunks for 5 seconds and then write them to streamOut.

This is mainly useful for logging and thing where you want to commit and the commit overhead is significant. If you want to optimizing file-writes or cases with plenty of data consider using buffered-stream instead.


The time-chunked-stream library is released on the MIT license, see the LICENSE for complete license.