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A lean logging module, in the form of an <code>EventEmitter</code> with an identical API to <code>console</code>.


A lean logging module, in the form of an EventEmitter with an identical API to console.

For those times when you need a little more than debug but a little less than winston. Or you're just not ready to commit.

Works in Node, or in the browser using browserify.

npm install timber

Can be used entirely in place of console - instead of logging, however, the instance will emit events based on the name of the method.

So timber.log('hello', 'world') will call the log event with ('hello', 'world') as the arguments.

logger = require('timber')

Returns a shared log instance.


Returns a clean log instance, without any listeners.


Returns a namespaced logger - creates a new one the first time, but will return the same log instance with future uses.

logger.on('method', callback)

Listen to log calls on this instance. The event callback returns all of the arguments used with the method - handle them however you like.


A list of the supported events/methods, so you can do things like this:

var timber = require('timber')
// Makes timber act exactly like console 
timber.EVENTS.forEach(function(name) {
  timber.on(name, console[name].bind(console))
var timber = require('timber')
timber.log('does nothing')
timber.on('log', console.log.bind(console))
timber.log('first log')
console.log('also log')
timber.on('warn', function(arg1, arg2) {
  console.warn(['warn:', arg2, arg1].join(' '))
timber.warn(404, 'warning!') // warn: warning! 404