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    Lot of functions for tacit programming and functional types for TypeScript and JavaScript.


    You can install it using npm

    npm i tiinvo

    Or with yarn

    yarn add tiinvo

    or if you are using Deno, you have to simply import it

    import { } from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/tiinvo?dts';


    data types

    tiinvo is a functional data types library.

    It has several data types like Option, Maybe, Result and Either, each one is a Tagged Type.

    Option is used for values that can be possibly null or undefined.

    Maybe is used for values that can possibly has a truthy or falsy logical value.

    Result is used to describe if a function return value is an error or is ok (safe) value.

    Either is used to represents a value of one of two possible types (a disjoint union).

    It provides also utilities functions like pipe and pipeasync for tacit programming, num, str, obj functions, predicates functions and more.


    tiinvo comes with a bunch of predicate utilities

    import { predicate } from 'tiinvo';
    const iseven = (arg: number) => arg % 2 === 0;
    const makeislessthan = (check: number) => (arg: number) => arg < check;
    const islessthan10 = makeislessthan(10);
    const isodd  =  predicate.reverse(iseven);
    const check1 =  predicate.fromvalue(1);
    const check2 =  predicate.fromvalue(2);
    const isevenandlessthan10 = predicate.and(iseven, islessthan10);
    const isevenorlessthan10 = predicate.or(iseven, islessthan10);
    check1(iseven)          // false
    check1(isodd)           // true
    check2(iseven)          // true
    check2(isodd)           // false
    isevenandlessthan10(6)  // true
    isevenandlessthan10(5)  // false
    isevenandlessthan10(12) // false
    isevenorlessthan10(12)  // true
    isevenorlessthan10(5)   // true
    isevenorlessthan10(13)  // false


    This library also makes complex typeguards building very easy.

    import { isstring, isoptional, isnumber, isarrayof, implementing } from 'tiinvo';
    export type UserArray = User[];
    export interface User {
      age: number;
      email: string;
      firstname: string;
      lastname: string;
      nickname?: string;
    export const isUser = implementing<User>({
      age: isnumber,
      email: isstring,
      firstname: isstring,
      lastname: isstring,
      nickname: isoptional(isstring),
    export const isUserArray = isarrayof(isUser);
    const user000: User = {
      age: 22,
      email: 'hello.world@foo.bar',
      firstname: 'Hello',
      lastname: 'World',
    const user001: User = {
      age: 54,
      email: 'john.doe@domain.com',
      firstname: 'John',
      lastname: 'Doe',
      nickname: 'BionicPizza',
    isUser(user000)                 // true, user000 is User
    isUser(user001)                 // true, user001 is User
    isUser(1000000)                 // false
    isUserArray([user000, user001]) // true
    isUserArray(['pizza', user001]) // false


    tiinvo also has some other utilities functions

    import { fallback, fi, isnumber, option, pipe } from 'tiinvo';
    const numericoption = (arg: number): option.Option<number> => fi(isnumber(arg), option.option(arg), option.none());
    const multiplyby2 = (arg: number) => arg * 2;
    const unwraporelse = option.unwrapOrElse(fallback(0), fallback);
    const getmultipliedby2 = pipe(numericoption, multiplyby2, unwraporelse);
    getmultipliedby2('darn')      // 0
    getmultipliedby2(new Date())  // 0
    getmultipliedby2(5)           // 10
    getmultipliedby2(15)          // 30

    array functions

    tiinvo comes with some array functions, ideal for pipelines and for tacit programming.

    import { array, pipe, num } from 'tiinvo';
    const filterevendoubles = pipe(
    filterevendoubles([ 1, 2, 3, 2.5, 3.75 ]) // [2, 4, 6]

    primitives functions

    tiinvo come with some everydays premade primitives functions.

    import { num, obj, str, pipe, predicate } from 'tiinvo';
    interface User {
      firstname: string;
      lastname: string;
      birthdate: string;
    const mapfirstname = obj.mapkey<User>('firstname');
    const maplastname = obj.mapkey<User>('lastname');
    const mapbirthdate = obj.mapkey<User>('birthdate');
    const maptodate = (arg: string) => new Date(arg);
    const mapdateyear = (date: Date) => date.getFullYear();
    export const isadult = pipe(
      num.usubtract(new Date().getFullYear()),
    export const isvalidname = pipe(
    export const isvalidfirstname = pipe(mapfirstname, isvalidname)
    export const isvalidlastname = pipe(maplastname, isvalidname)
    export const isvaliduser = predicate.and(isvalidfirstname, isvalidlastname, isadult);
    const testuser1: User = { firstname: 'John', lastname: 'Connor', birthdate: `1983-11-14` };
    const testuser2: User = { firstname: 'Lorem', lastname: 'Ipsum', birthdate: `2018-01-02` };
    const testuser3: User = { firstname: 'foo', lastname: '', birthdate: `2020-04-05` };
    isadult(testuser1) // true
    isadult(testuser2) // false
    isadult(testuser3) // false
    isvaliduser(testuser1) // true
    isvaliduser(testuser2) // false
    isvaliduser(testuser3) // false
    // etc...


    Documentation is located here


    Every contribution is really welcome!

    If you feel that something can be improved or should be fixed, feel free to open an issue with the feature or the bug found.

    If you want to fork and open a pull request (adding features or fixes), feel free to do it. Create a new branch from master and open your PR.

    Read the contributing guidelines


    Read the licence


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