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US Geocoder module that works on top of free TIGER Line data file from US Census bureau.
Uses PostGIS min 2.x. Do your own geocoding for high volume and avoid paying to 3rd party providers.

Assumes you have a readily available PostGIS 2 + PostgreSQL 9.1+
installed that also has TIGER 2010 database loaded (about 95 GiB). Instructions on
installing Tiger are found here: for postgis module and

If you need to run a ready installed server see instructions here:

If you need help getting it setup, drop me a mail. Loading the TIGER database in postgres
usually takes 1 week. This can also be hosted on Heroku. I ended up buying an SSD drive
and creating an Ubuntu Xen VM on it that simply runs Postgres 9.1 + PostGis 2.0 + 95GB Tiger DB and Redis store.


npm install tiger-geocoder

or to run in Amazon EC2 see here:


You can pass a string representation of a location and a callback function to geocoder.geocode. It will accept: full street address, street and zip/city+state, zipcode, city + state.


var geocoder = require('tiger-geocoder');
// Geocoding 
geocoder.geocode("15337 Cherry ln, Markham, IL", options, function ( err, data ) {
  // do something with data 
geocoder.geocode("Cherry ln, Markham, IL", options, function ( err, data ) {
  // do something with data 
geocoder.geocode("Markham, IL", options, function ( err, data ) {
  // do something with data 
geocoder.geocode("60428", options, function ( err, data ) {
  // do something with data 
// Reverse Geocoding 
geocoder.reverseGeocode( 33.7489, -84.3789, options, function ( err, data ) {
  // do something with data 

You have an option to use the native JSON result or request it to be formatted to match a popular provider such as Google, Bing etc. Google response style will look like standard Google JSON Output

You can pass in an optional options hash as a last argument, useful for setting the following:

conString: a connection string to your postgres TIGER database. If not provided it will attempt to read it from heroku HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_BLUE_URL or default to tcp://username:password@localhost/geocoder 
redisString: a connection string to an instance of a redis to use. local redis will be used otherwise.
cacheTTL: the Time-To-Live for the redis cache entry, defaults to 1 month
responseFormat: empty string will use internal JSOn format, 'google' will return it in google maps V3 JSON format


nodeunit test-tiger-geocoder


  • Add support for response mapping for BING, Mapquest, Yahoo etc