node package manager



A tool to help you keep your package tidy in two ways:

  1. Search out dead weight, analyzing your project source to determine if you have packages listed as dependencies that are not in use.

  2. Find out of date dependencies, comparing your list of defined dependencies to their latest counterparts in npm.

It does not modify your project in any way, simply provides a package listing.


$ npm install -g tidy-package
$ cd /path/to/project
$ tidy-package .

At the most basic level, tidy-package takes a single parameter. The path to a project root containing a package.json file.


--exclude <string pattern>

This is a simple alpha numeric pattern to exclude any path containing it. This will tell tidy-package to not search any matched directories for requires.

--used <packages,to,flag,as,used>

This tells tidy-package to ignore these packages as being known to be used, and will not report them as unused even if no requires are found.


Apache 2.0