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Displays UK tide times on the command line


Get today's tide times for Newquay

♣ tidetimes @newquay
  High Tide: 04:14 Height: 6.00m
  Low Tide: 10:37 Height: 1.80m
  High Tide: 16:38 Height: 6.20m
  Low Tide: 23:06 Height: 1.60m

Get tomorrow's tide times for Newquay

♣ tidetimes tomorrow @newquay
  High Tide: 05:01 Height: 6.20m
  Low Tide: 11:19 Height: 1.50m
  High Tide: 17:20 Height: 6.40m
  Low Tide: 23:46 Height: 1.40m

Get saturday's tide times for Falmouth

♣ tidetimes saturday @falmouth
  High Tide: 05:43 Height: 4.70m
  Low Tide: 12:28 Height: 0.90m
  High Tide: 18:00 Height: 5.00m
  Low Tide: 00:50 Height: 0.90m

Available locations

700 UK locations available. Full list is available here:

The @ symbol is optional when specifying the location

♣ tidetimes dover
  Low Tide: 05:08 Height: 1.70m
  High Tide: 10:29 Height: 5.90m
  Low Tide: 17:32 Height: 1.60m
  High Tide: 22:55 Height: 6.00

Use dashes instead of spaces in the location name

♣ tidetimes @bluemull-sound
  Low Tide: 02:14 Height: 0.70m
  High Tide: 08:45 Height: 2.10m
  Low Tide: 14:28 Height: 0.90m
  High Tide: 20:59 Height: 2.40m

Default location

Default location is Falmouth. You can set your own default location by creating a .tidetimes file in your home directory containing the name of the location


This utility scrapes, use it responsibly and don't rely on it for navigation.


MIT License