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    tidal-cli-client is an open-source Tidal client for your linux terminal. You can finally listen to your favourite tracks without any web wrappers and flash. With your loved terminal. <3


    If you like this app and you want to help me with the development, you can donate me some money, so I can buy more RAM for my Chrome.

    I'm 14 years old passionated JS developer and this app is a big success for me. I would appreciate every donation.


    Here is my Bitcoin address: 1FJqNsijJpctJwsFB4LPhf7KEKNYVb1Mcd

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    Update 2.0.0 notes

    The app is now completly rewritten. Most of the new features are:

    • More abstraction with components and cleaner code.
    • Better error handling.
    • Caching every api request.
    • Configurable shortcuts.
    • Unit tests
    • Playback queue control


    Installation sources:

    • Arch Linux:

    • Other distros:

      • It is prefered to install tidal-cli-client package from npm using command sudo npm -g i tidal-cli-client@latest. After installation you can run app from anywhere using command tidal-cli.

      • If you don't want to use npm installation you can clone this repo. Then you install other dependencies with npm install and run with npm run app.

      You must have MPV and W3M installed. On some systems you'll also need to check, if you have got w3m-img, because it is not always installed directly with w3m.

    Usage instructions

    When you open app for the first time you can see a form. Input username (first) and password (second) to the boxes and submit. Then it loads the main app.

    To change focus from one item to another, press tab.

    Action bar

    On the bottom of the app there is a green bar. When you press : it automatically focuses itself. Most of the navigation in the app is based on this text input. The list of commands is as follows:

    Command Description Example
    search Searches for a query specified after space search Led Zeppelin
    queue Opens tracks queue panel, where you can view and edit playback queue queue
    pause Pauses playback pause
    resume Resumes playback resume
    skip Skips a number of tracks in queue specified after space skip 3
    next Works as skip 1 resume
    shuffle Shuffles a tracks queue randomly shuffle
    playlists Opens user playlists panel where you can view and play your playlists playlists
    quit Quits from the app quit


    You can press these keys at any point and they'll do their thing.

    Shortcut Description
    F2 Opens actions input bar and automatically enters search. Then you can only enter your query
    n When focused on the list item or playback button adds focused element to the queue as next
    a When focused on the list item or playback button adds focused element to the queue as last
    l Play next track from queue. Works as next
    j When focused on the list, goes up
    k When focused on the list, goes down
    w When on the playback queue list, moves selected item up in queue
    s When on the playback queue list, moves selected item down in queue

    Config file

    The apps config file is located in ~/.config/tidal-cli-client/app.json. You can configure your shortcuts from there.

    • STYLES object contains all of apps colors are located. You can customize them as you like with HEX color codes.

    • INPUT_BAR_ACTION object contains all action bar actions are stored. You can edit their values to fit your preference.

    • SHORTCUTS object contains all of apps shortcuts which you can customize as you wish.

    Shortcut naming for Ctrl-(key) is C-(key), for function keys it's f(key)

    Your login credentials are stored in ~/.config/tidal-cli-client/credentials.json. You can edit this file if you want to.

    • USERNAME is your username

    • PASSWORD is your password

    • STREAM_QUALITY is TIDAL's stream quality, either LOW, HIGH or LOSSLESS.

    For developers

    If you want to help me with the development, create a fork on Github and clone it to your machine.

    Call npm install. After the work call npm run test to check for any errors and the you can create a PR.


    npm i tidal-cli-client

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