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Ticket on Rails Api Client


Ticket on Rails Api Node.js Client

Every call must have a parameter called "token" defined as:

md5(project_domain + md5(api_token))

Where 'md5' represents an MD5 hashing operation, and '+' represents a string concatenation. The project domain should be lower-cased before hashing.

This method creates a new ticket.


method: POST


  • token: see authentication
  • ticket: json string defined ad follow
        email: '',
        from_name: 'John Doe',
        subject: 'lorem ipsum...',
        body: 'lorem ipsum...',
        html: false,
        date: 123456790,
        labels: ['label 1', 'label 2', ...],
        attachment: 'filename.file'
        fields: [
                    code: 12345
                    value: 'value'
                }, ...

email, subject and body are required. if date is not speficied the current EPOCH time will be used. html indicates if the message body is plain text or HTML.

  • attachment: 1 file can be specified in the request. Your POST request's Content-Type should be set to multipart/form-data with the attachments parameter.

Response: json response with the associated ticket id.

	id: 12345
	ticket: '#1'