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    CLI command that currently allow you to fetch crypto currency prices from Binance, Polinex and Bittrex.


    In order to ensure global access to command install using the -g (global) flag:

    $ npm i -g ticcr


    The command below gives list of all cryptos from the default exchange. Currently Bittrex.

    $ ticcr

    Use with flag -c (--currency) to select the currency you wish the crypto displayed in. The following command give a list of all cryptos from the default exchange in usdt.

    $ ticcr -c usdt

    Use with flag -e (--exchange) to select from which exchange you want the price.

    $ ticcr dcr ltc eth -c usdt -e polinex

    Multiple coins can also be looked up simultaniously in multiple currencies.

    $ ticcr btc dcr doge dash -c btc usdt -e polinex 

    The above command should result in a table similar to the one below:

    symbol price currency
    BTC 32152.94876227 USDT
    DASH 0.00403872 BTC
    DASH 130.31983853 USDT
    DCR 0.00326248 BTC
    DOGE 0.00000678 BTC
    DOGE 0.21695474 USDT

    It is also possible to lookup multiple prices from multiple exchanges simultaniously.

    $ ticcr dcr ltc eth -c usdt -e binance polinex bittrex

    As an experimental feature it is now possible to get a real time stream of prices from binance via a websocket connection. Use the -s (--socket) option. Because this connection stays open you currently need to use the keyboard combination "CTRL + C" to end the stream in your terminal window.

    Note that both one or more tickers and one or more currencies must be given as input for this feature to work.

    $ ticcr btc -c usdt -s

    Used with the -l (--list) option will provide a log of the supported exchanges.This will be output prior to the price output.

    $ ticcr dcr -l

    NOTE: This package is still VERY buggy.


    npm i ticcr

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