ti cli hook for deploying builds to installr


A titanium cli hook for deploying builds to installr, based on ti-testflight-hook

$ npm install -g ti-installr-hook

Add the installr api token to your tiapp.xml file.

  <property name="installr.api_token">ENTER_INSTALLR_API_TOKEN_HERE</property>

Optional - Set installr.notify to true, to notify all the testers that a new build is available.

  <property name="installr.notify" type="bool">true</property>

Use the --installr flag with the titanium cli to upload to installr. For example:

$ ti build -p ios -T dist-adhoc --installr

Set release notes using --installr-release-notes flag. For example:

$ ti build -p ios -T dist-adhoc --installr --installr-release-notes='New build with awesome features'

If not set, you will be prompted for release notes and notify flag

Licensed under the MIT License