A simple MVC framework for node web server.

Ti is a MVC web application server framework for node.js. It provides the basic development framework and some related components, including libraries and tools.

npm install Ti

Application's document path

//------------------app path-------------
    |----app.js // app input file
    |----controller //controller path
        |----site.js //site controller
    |----view //template path
    |----model //model path
### simple to create a app
//get application
var App = require('Ti').application;

//definne product path; var productPath = process.cwd();

var app = new App({ //configure controller path controllerPath:productPath+"/controller", //configure default controller name defaultController:'site', //configure routes routes:{ 'p-':"product/detail" }, //configure route start sep baseUriIndex:0, //configure template path viewPath:productPath+'/view', //configure template plugin path templatePluginPath:productPath+"/plugins/view" });

//app start app.start();