An add-on module to use couchdb as a document db for Thug models


Thug is a functional model system for nodejs, this module is an add-on module of common couchdb cmds that any model may use.

Thug was created to minimize the complexity of validating and altering an object before writing it to a data store or performing an operation. Thug is not an ORM but is ment to be a replacment for one. Thug is very small and works on both the server or in a browser.

npm install thug-couch --save

Thug Model

var Thug = require('thug');
var couch = require('thug-couch');
module.exports = function(config) {
  var post = new Thug({
    "methods": {
      all: function(cb) { db.all('post', cb); }
  var db = couchDb(config.db); =;
  post.constructor.prototype.write = db.write;
  post.constructor.prototype.remove = db.remove;
  return post;


pull requests are welcome!