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    thsq-device-flasher is an interactive command line tool for automated flashing of hardware running the Thingsquare system.

    Principle of operation

    This tool creates a set of device identities on the Thingsquare backend, produces binary flash images that corresponds to those device identities, and flashes those binary images to the devices. Before flashing each device, the tool reads out the EUI of the device and associates it with the device identity on the backend.


    npm install -g thsq-device-flasher


    Software installation requirements:

    • This script is intended to be run using either of the TI flasher utilities srfprog or Uniflash.
    • NodeJS

    Thingsquare configuration requirements:

    • A product configuration on a suitable Thingsquare backend
    • A valid product frontend
    • A user account with a valid API token
    • A valid firmware binary (.bin) for the devices to be flashed


    thsq-device-flasher <options> <binfile>

    Required options:

    • -u <token>: API access token

    Optional options:

    • -b <backend>: backend stack address (defaults to
    • -f <frontend>: product frontend ID (defaults to 0ac48bf3-9fab-4bad-8455-e394808eda6b)
    • -s <email addresses>: comma separated list of users to automatically share new devices with
    • -p <platform>: platform name of newly created devices (defaults to thsq-device-flasher)
    • -P <picture>: a path to a custom device icon
    • -t <flasher tool>: srfprog or uniflash
    • -T <Uniflash path>: full path including Uniflash executable

    When run, the tool asks how to flash the new device. Type a letter and press return. The possible options are:

    • [number]: pre-invite device to an existing network designated by the number typed
    • u: flash the device as unbonded, ready to be invited into a network
    • n: generate a new network ID for the new device (useful for access points)
    • r: reflash the connected device with the same identity as it was previously flashed with

    Example usage

    $ thsq-device-flasher -u 1234abcd1234abcd1234abcd tjo.bin
    OK: binfile tjo.bin, md5: d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e
    OK: located srfprog utility in path
    Logging in...
    OK: logged in as user
    Found 2 networks:
     * 1: xid cf7b44cb6faf7e45 with 2 devices e.g. Elis gw
     * 2: xid b6e24a2675b543b3 with 101 devices e.g. t904
    Menu options:
      1-2 : generate and flash devices in given network
      n: generate and flash device in new network
      s: erase and read MAC of connected device
      l: list existing devices
      h: show this message
      q: quit




    npm i thsq-device-flasher

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