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A pipe functions for rxjs 6+ which accepts a 'wait' observable, emits 1 elements of the source stream and waits for an event on the 'wait' observable.

What does throttleAsync do (in order)?

  1. Get a waitUntil$ observable as parameter
  2. Emit one value (may be configurable in the future)
  3. Wait until waitUntil$ observable emits a value.
  4. If waitUntil$ emits a value, emit another value from the source observable.

Why is this useful?

I personally need it for splitting up resize events from the browser into a resize-start and a resize-end observable.

First, we need an observable of window resize events:

const windowResize$ = fromEvent(window, 'resize');

We can produce a resize-end observable by

const windowResizeEnd$ = windowResize$.pipe(debounceTime(500));

But how would you build the windowResizeStart$ observable? This is, where the throttleAsync pipe comes in.
We need windowResize$ to emit exactly one event and then pause emission
until windowResizeEnd$ emits a value.

    const windowResizeStart$ = windowResize$.pipe(

Future Features (eventually)

  • Emit n source events between waitUntil$ observable emissions instead of only one.
    The parameter n should be configureable when instantiating throttleAsync.
  • Make the parameter n dynamic by using the value of the waitUntil$ observable as a number of how many events to emit next.


[1.1.0] - 2020-04-13

  • Updated Dependencies to fix dependency security issues
  • Improved npm packaging for easier usage

[1.0.0] - 2018-11-12

Initial Release


  • throttleAsync pipe which emits one event and then waits for waitUntil$ observable emissions

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