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Thinking in React workshopper

Thinking in React

A workshopper module for learning React, based on thinking in react.

It will hopefully help you get started with React and help you to get a good workflow from the get-go.

$ npm install -g thinking-in-react

Just run

$ thinking-in-react

to play.

  • Updated the use of refs to functions instead of strings (now deprecated)
  • Added react-addons-test-utils to install instructions
  • Using user local react-addons-test-utils fixes step 5
  • Added support for React v15 (run/verify on step 5 broke previously with React v15)
  • Fixed a typo via #17 - thanks @brian-stovall
  • Bumped jsdom to v7

Bumping jsdom introduces a breaking change (major release) since the new version no longer supports node 0.x. If you see build issues with contextify then make sure to upgrade to node 4+ and things should work. If you don't want to upgrade node feel free to install thinking-in-react@2.0.0 😄

  • Added support for JSX and ES2015 via Babel - thanks @ThibWeb
  • Updated to React v0.14
  • Using process.cwd() instead of process.env.PWD - improves Windows support
  • Also did a non-semver release to get to a proper semver starting point
  • Introduced blessed UI guide for step 1
  • Improved HINTs
  • Introduced state bingo!
  • Introduced thinking-in-react server to test your solution in the browser!