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    [thing-it-mobile] is a Mobile Client for thing-it-node. It allows you to

    • control your Devices and Actors,
    • Monitor your Sensors and
    • invoke complex Services

    from your Phone or Pad.

    The resulting iOS and Android Apps Will be on Apple App Store and Google Play soon.

    In the meantime you can build and install yourself as described below.


    The source code is provided under MIT and EPL license.

    Use of Streamline Fonts

    The codebase and distribution of [thing-it] Mobile contains a distribution of the Streamline Icon Font. This font is not provided under the MIT or EPL license. Use of the Streamline Icon Font or any subset of it for other purposes than development and runtime of and by others than developers and end users of [thing-it] Mobile requires a separate license agreement with

    Local Installation


    Install phonegap

    sudo npm install -g phonegap


    Clone this repository via

    git clone

    in a directory of your choice.

    Change to /thing-it-mobile

    cd thing-it-mobile

    and build for and run your target mobile platform, e.g.

    phonegap run ios

    which should open the XCode Simulator. If it does not, you can open manually platforms/ios/[thing-it] Mobile.xcodeproj from XCode.

    Alternatively for Android

    phonegap run android

    Run the App

    Run the App on your mobile device. Login with your account and access your Meshes from the Mesh screen.

    If you want to connect the app with a local [thing-it] Node Box, select Settings on the Sidebar Menu and switch the Server Mode to local (providing host IP or DNS name and port) to talk to a [thing-it] Node runtime on your computer.




    npm i thing-it-mobile

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