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    Device Plugins for [thing-it-node] and for Enocean IP-connected devices e.g. leverage products of (

    Note, that this Plugin is Work under construction!

    The Plugin currently supports a number of concrete Devices

    • Switch (EEP F6-02, Rocker Switch)
    • Occupancy Sensor (EEP A5-07)
    • Power Outlet/Plug (EEP D5-00-01)
    • Temperature Sensor (EEP A5-02)

    Over time, we are going to support a broader bandwidth of EnOcean Equipment Profiles.

    Installation and Configuration

    Installation of NodeJS and [thing-it-node]

    First, install nodejs on your computer (e.g. your PC or your Raspberry Pi).

    Then install [thing-it-node] via

    npm install -g thing-it-node

    Initialization and Start of [thing-it-node]

    The [thing-it-device-enocean-ip] Plugin is installed with [thing-it-node], hence there is no need to install it separately.

    The Plugin supports Autodiscovery, hence you only have to create a directory in which you intend to run the configuration, e.g.

    mkdir ~/enocean-test
    cd ~/enocean-test

    and invoke

    tin init

    and then start [thing-it-node] via

    tin run

    Install the [thing-it] Mobile App from the Apple Appstore or Google Play and set it up to connect to [thing-it-node] locally as described here or just connect your browser under http://localhost:3001.

    EnOcean Device Setup

    Connect your EnOcean Gateway to an IP network reachable from the [thing-it-node] Gateway you have configured above and connect/pair all EnOcean Devices to it.

    As Auto-discovery is not in place yet, you will have to configure the connected Devices manually as e.g. in the sample configuration.

    Mobile UI

    The following screenshot shows the Devices in sample configuration:

    Gateway Simulator

    This Plugin also contains a simulator to simulate EnOcean IP Gateways. To run the simulator invoke

    node gatewaySimulator

    in the server subdirectory which simulates a Gateway connected to the Devices in the sample configuration.

    Where to go from here ...

    After completing the above, you may be interested in


    npm i thing-it-device-enocean-ip

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