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    WARNING: This project has been moved to the @thing-it organization. Install using @thing-it/device-bacnet instead.


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    [thing-it-node] Device Plugin for BACnet networks to control BACnet devices.

    The BACnet Device Plugin is operational for the scope described here which represents a subset of the full BACnet protocol plus [thing-it] specific usages, such as higher level compelx devices. Contact us if you're interested in connecting [thing-it] to your BACnet environment and / or supporting additional BACnet features, devices, or objects.


    This Device Plugin allows you to

    • show and modify values of any BACnet object of a BACnet device via the [thing-it] Mobile App and the [thing-it] portal at,
    • visualize historic data of any connected BACnet object,
    • combine data and controls from any other [thing-it] plugin, and
    • define complex scenes, storyboards and timer controlled execution

    by connecting an arbitrary number of BACnet devices to a thing-it-node on the same network. thing-it-node can be run on a variety of computers incuding Raspberry Pis and Linux server.

    Hereby, this plugin represents basic BACnet Objects such as

    • Analog Input
    • Analog Value
    • Binary Input
    • Binary Value
    • Multi State Input
    • Multi State Value

    connected to a generic BACnet Device and communication to those via UDP/IP.

    The plugin also supports specific higher level devices, such as

    • Thermostat
    • Light
    • Jalousie

    by bundling a series of individual BACnet objects into a logical context.

    User Interface Examples

    Mobile UI

    BACnet Object Configuration

    Higher Level BACnet Device Configuration


    In a dashboard data from a BACnet device, such as

    • a room's temperature setpoing history
    • the BACnet device's CPU load history and current value
    • the BACnet device's internal temperature history and current value

    can be combined with thing-it-device-weather data, such as

    • historic outside temperature
    • historic outside humidity


    Contact us if you're interested in connecting to your BACnet environment via mobile or web.


    Those who are interested in implementing their own specific higher level BACnet Device e.g. a thermostat with specific state, services and UI from a [thing-it-node] perspective can still use the BacNetAdapter class under lib in this package to easily implement communication with the BACnet network via IP/UDP.

    Contact us if you're interested in helping us support additional BACnet features, devices, or objects.


    Installation [thing-it-node]

    Follow the installation steps at thing-it-node to turn your computer (e.g. your PC, your Raspberry Pi, or a Linux server) into a [thing-it] Gateway. Installing thing-it-node automatically also installs the BACnet plugin.

    After installation follow the instructions to pair your [thing-it] Gateway with and to start the [thing-it-node]. Use the configuration portal at to confirm your [thing-it] Gateway is properly connected.

    Connectivity to BACnet

    Make sure that the computer running [thing-it-node] (your [thing-it] Gateway) can connect your BACnet devices via an IP connection. As the BACnet protocol uses UPD broadcasts for an initial WhoIs / IAm handshake your BACnet devices and your [thing-it] Gateway should be on the same network to simplify the setup.

    If your BACnet devices and your [thing-it] Gateway are not in the same network, additional network configuration and/or hardware may be required to ensure broadcasts from the BACnet devices can be seen by the [thing-it] Gateway and vice versa.

    Configuring Devices and Actors

    Use the configuration portal at to create a BACnet device. You need to know either

    • the IP address or
    • the BACnet device id

    of the device to connect with it. Once your device is connected, you can add actors for BACnet objects or complex higher level objects in the configuration as shown in the UI examples above.

    Where to go from here ...

    After completing the above, you may be interested in




    npm i thing-it-device-bacnet

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