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ThinDOM: a thin DOM wrapper

Inspired by jQuery, this simple library lets you create DOM elements really fast, with significantly more expressiveness than native DOM methods.

How fast? Super fast.


captionDOM = ThinDOM div 
  .attr 'class', 'caption'
  .append ThinDOM 'div' 
  .attr 'class', 'votes'
  .append ThinDOM 'a' 
  .attr 'class': 'up', 'href': '#'
  .append ThinDOM 'a' 
  .attr 'class': 'down', 'href': '#'
  .append ThinDOM 'div'
  .attr 'class', 'meta'
  .append ThinDOM 'span'
  .text author + ' - '
  .append ThinDOM 'span'
  .text points + ' point' + plural
  .append ThinDOM 'p' 
  .html body